Putney man wants more fire hydrants in neighborhood

Willie Williams is with the Putney Neighborhood Watch Association

A fire destroyed a home in Putney a few weeks back and one resident wants to make sure it doesn't happen to him or any of his neighbors.

Willie Williams, with the Putney neighborhood watch, addressed the Dougherty County commission Monday, asking that a fire hydrant be placed on the east side of U.S. 19.

The house fire happened on Dorough Avenue, witnesses say the nearest hydrant was a mile away from the home.

He said neighbors don't want their homes to meet a similar fate.

"If that fire had been in another area where the houses were closer together, both of the houses would have burned because of the flames that would be carried to the next house, and the houses, in some sections are built much closer than where the incident happened," said Williams.

County commissioners said they would look into the matter.