Putney community in high water

Teresa Jones looks over her water and sewer bills, which she says are way too high / Ashley Knight

First Update (2/27/12 4:20 PM)

In a statement from Utilities, Inc., Analyst Tom Oakley says:

"Our objective with all of our customers is to be completely open and transparent regarding their billing, provide prompt and courteous service and of course, to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater service. In cases where circumstances have made it difficult for an individual to make bill payments on time, we work with them to make accommodations that allow for continued service but also insure that we receive compensation for that service."

As to the $75 a month charge, Oakley explains that is a combination of a $21.61 base rate and a $53.24 waste water flat rate. These charges apply to all Utilities, Inc. customers.

Rates also differ from those of Albany's Water, Gas and Light due to the fact that Utilities, Inc. is a private water system.

Original Story (2/22/12)

A community in Putney believes their water bills are just too high.

The neighborhood was built before Water, Gas, and Light existed, so their water and sewer are maintained by a private water company out of Orlando, Florida.

One of the neighbors, Teresa Jones, says she has to pay a $75 minimum charge each month in addition to her bill, which can be in the several hundreds.

She says she isn't getting much help from the water company.

"Find out if I had any leaks, they told me I didn't have any leaks. I asked them can you please look at y'all's meter to find out is your meter running properly? They told me yes ma'am but you got to pay us $45 to have that done," says Jones.

We called Congressman Sanford Bishop's office who sent over a representative with the Georgia Rural Water Association to see if they can help.