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      Puppy mill rescue, one year later

      One of 53 dogs rescued in a puppy mill in May of 2013 is now recommended to be a therapy dog.

      Last year, Best Friends Humane Society in Worth County partnered with the Worth County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Agriculture to investigate conditions of a trailer after a neighbor showed concerned.

      53 dogs and puppies were found inside living in terrible conditions filled with feces and rats.

      Of the 53, only 36 we're saved and one of them was Dakota, a white, American Bulldog puppy.

      Sherri Hendley, Director of Best Friends Humane Society in Worth County says Dakota is now 11 months old and thriving. Dakota has gone through obedience training and her trainer says she would be a great therapy dog for elderly, or young children in a hospital.

      Hendley says this just shows how a puppy coming from horrible conditions can become something great with the proper training.

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