Pulitzer Prize winning author speaks at Civil Rights Institute

Pulitzer Prize winning author Hank Klibanoff.

During Thursday nights Civil Rights Institute community forum, Pulitzer Prize winning co-author Hank Klibanoff schooled the audience on the media's influence during the Civil Rights Movement.

Klibanoff wrote the book with Eugene L. Roberts. "The Race Beat" trails how the media helped shape the Civil Rights Movement during the 60's.

At the time, he was a journalist who followed alongside organizers, documenting their every move.

The acclaimed author said he still feels the media's influence is needed today.

"I'm speaking of the news coverage of the Civil Rights struggle and the impact the news coverage had in awakening the United States to the indignities the African Americans were suffering in the United States, mobilizing people in the end to demand change," said Klibanoff, "I'm also speaking about the media's coverage of race issues that are still with us, that still linger today."

Klibanoff is a professor at Emory University. "The Race Beat" can be purchased at any book retailer.

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