Publications at the MCLB

The Emblem

The Marine Corps Logistics Base's Public Affairs Office is in charge of two main publications. The weekly paper called 'The Emblem' and an annually produced base guide.

Public Affairs Specialist Marti Gatlin helps with both publications. "With the paper doing layout and design, I'm also the editor of the base guide, which comes out annually once a year for new joins and folks who are new to the base to let them know all the services we offer" says Gatlin.

The base also spends a lot of time and energy putting together 'The Emblem' which has a circulation of 3,500. Emblem editor Nathan Hanks says the whole point of having the base news paper is to keep everyone informed. "It's a command information program that we have established to inform the marines, sailors, and their families of certain activities on base. Current news, activities, and inform them to let them know that they can come out and participate, but it's also an educational tool as well" says Hanks.

All MCLB PAO employees contribute in some way shape or form to the paper, and it's something Lt. Kyle Thomas says people on and off base look forward to reading. "The newspaper being the primary means of getting communication out to the base itself. Of course you can find the newspaper out in town. But if there is a cook-off, they want us to put something on the website, they want us to put it on Facebook, they want us to put it in the paper and all around just get the word out. So we try to do news stories on this to help people get the word out about things that they feel are important and that's what's important about this office" says Thomas.

The two publications in addition to social media are just some of the ways the base gets their story out.

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