Public works seeks funds for road maintenance

Cars drive on Old Pretoria Road. / Jessica Fairley

Although Dougherty County roads are in good shape, Public Works is making sure they remain in passable condition.

The director of Public Works presented commissioners with a list of roads in need of repairs.

This list will go to the Georgia Department of Transportation for an approval of funds.

If approved, the county will receive a $278,000 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant.

This money will be used to update 11 roads in the county, including Harris and Old Pretoria Road.

"We have to have this submittal in by December 31st and after we get that submittal then a notice will come back to the commission to whether we meet that request and then we get that allocation," said Larry Cook, Public Works Director.

If the funds are granted, the county will start resurfacing roads in February.

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