Public Works on the right track

Commissioners met this morning to hear a presentation from the county Public Works department. / Matt Prichard

Dougherty County Commissioners met Monday to hear a presentation from Public Work Assistant Director, Chucky Mathis.

One of the hot topics for commissioners was a railroad crossing on Radium Springs Road near the old Merck Chemical Plant. The crossing has become extremely rough, and concerns have been raised that accidents, traffic, and overall damage to cars are caused because of the faulty pavement.

Mathis addressed the issue saying that once approval is reached by commissioners the department will be resurfacing the tracks and creating a smoother ride for drivers.

Mathis also presented the department's, "year in review," outlining how Public Works did in 2012, and how it plans to function in 2013.

Topics ranged from a recent downsizing of employees, to the growing mosquito problem in early March. Mathis says they've begun treating standing water around the county to try and alleviate the issue, however cooler temperatures have made spraying areas useless.

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