Public Works cracks down on illegal trash disposal

Public Works Director Phil Roberson educates the public on the newest changes to the solid waste ordinance

/ Colby Gallagher

A town hall meeting was held Saturday morning to discuss the changes to the local Solid Waste Ordinance.

Public Works director, Phil Roberson, spoke to the crowd that included residents, workers and Mayor Hubbard about why Albany's trash rate is so high and how education is key to keeping it from increasing.

"Public education is really key. We're going to use our website, we're going to use other forms of communication so folks can know exactly what we're trying to accomplish."

As part of the ordinance, the public will be notified of solid waste management and how to dispose of it.

Roberson said violators will receive notices advising them to take care of the waste properly.

If those directions are not executed in a timely manner, the Public Works department will pick it up and Water, Gas, and Light will send a bill for the service.

To report a violation, such as a pile of furniture or appliances on the curb, call 229-438-3913.