Public Works battles localized Dougherty flooding

One home on Parr Road is surrounded by water in Dougherty County. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County Public Works officials have blocked off Parr Road because of flooding. Several homes on the street have water spewing from the road well into their yards.

Officials have set up several pumps throughout the city to release water out of the overflowing holding ponds.

Pumps have been set up on Nichols Road in Putney, Antioch Road off Highway 19, and Pine Bluff Road. Crews were out monitoring the pumps Monday to make sure they are working properly.

Chuck Mathis, Assistant Director for Dougherty County Public Works, says they started pumping the holding ponds last week but because of ongoing rains they have to continue doing so.

He says once one area is dried out, another area has to be pumped.

So far, no sand bags have been put out. Workers are battling the flood to prevent homeowners from having to use any.

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