Public voting open for local schools in Glee contest

Turner County Middle School appeared on Good Day for help shooting their video entry / WFXL

Turner County Middle School's band and choir director says the school has been hurt by the economy and in turn has hurt the band and choir financially in many ways.

Band and Choir Director Philip Lyons says economically disadvantaged students rose from 72 percent to 82 percent in the last year within the school.

"The majority of the students here are actually struggling at home but they're still wanting to participate in this music program, it does take money to go ahead and do this so I want to help them out, and it's all of them: my choir, my band, my general music kids, even the elementary kids if we get an opportunity to get enough money," says Lyons.

Turner County Middle School is one of three Southwest Georgia Schools the public can vote for in the Glee Give a Note Contest, hoping to win a portion of the $1 million prize. Lyons says they plan to buy uniforms they have been saving money for and other boosters if they win. He says the current band and choir uniforms are falling apart and, with the help of parents, they are only $10,000 away from buying new ones; again, the economic times are making it seem like they are getting further and further from that, he says.

Ben Hill Primary, Americus-Sumter High School, Brooks County High School, Webster County High School & R.B. Wright Elementary also entered the contest. Connect to the Glee Give a Note contest website see their videos as well as Turner County Middle School's, and vote for the school of your choice every day.