Public voice concerns of TSPLOST

Public hearing held concerning Transportation Investment Act. / Jessica Fairley

Tax payers got the chance to view a layout for upcoming plans in the transportation Investment Act - also known as TSPLOST.

Maps covering 14 southwest Georgia counties and cities were on display at the Government Center for citizens to view.

The public hearing gave people the chance to voice concerns to officials. Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard says tax payers will have the opportunity to vote on the plans next July.

"The taxpayers will have the option to vote whether they want a 1 percent transportation TSPLOST put into place specifically in their region or whether they choose not to," said Dougherty County Commission Chair Jeff Sinyard.

The next public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday and it will be held in Camilla, Georgia. Another will follow on Wednesday in Bainbridge , Ga.