Public housing prices parallel market fares?

Albany Housing Authority / Jessica Fairley

Tuesday FOX 31 reported that flat rental rates are set to go up for Albany Housing Authority tenants.

Notices were put out today.

FOX 31 took a look into just how much tenants will have to pay after the 35 percent increase in June.

"We're hoping that with the 80 percent flat rate and at our local level and the 35 percent mandate that we got from the federal government that nobody would realize no more than maybe 20 to 25 dollar increase in rates," said W. Frank Wilson, Chairman of the Albany Housing Board.

Albany housing officials say currently many people pay around 150 dollars per month on the flat rate system. After the increase, those living in the McIntosh area will have to pay 257 dollars for a one bedroom. While those living in Seay Village will pay 432 dollars for a one room apartment.

Each tenant will have a choice of whether they will stick with the flat rate system or choose to pay rent based on income.