Public health patients' info compromised

Terrell County Health Department. / Jessica Fairley

Public Health officials are working with law enforcement after learning that patient information has been compromised at the Terrell County Health Department.

A Terrell County Health Department clerk is on leave without pay as Dawson Police await evidence to serve a warrant for a possible connection to an identity theft case.

The suspect was immediately blocked from access to patient records.

Southwest Georgia Public Health officials are sending out 18,000 letters to patients whose medical information may have been compromised.

While public health officials don't know exactly how many, if any, people have been targeted, they're sending out the letters to all patients just in case.

"Once this person became a person of interest, we felt it would be best to send letters to all patients that have been at the health department so that they can just be on the safe side," said Dr. Jacqueline Grant, Southwest Georgia Public Health Director.

Any patient of the Terrell County Health Department who believes they may be a victim of identity theft can log on to the Southwest Georgia Public Health website to find instruction as to how they can request a free credit report to check their records.

Those with questions about the letters can contact the Terrell County Health Department at (229) 995-8435 or email

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