PTSD study at Phoebe seeking volunteers

Photo Credit: Todd Bailey

The February Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Board meeting took place early Wednesday.

During the meeting, they discussed the Phoebe North transition and announced that a study for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is underway for the region.

With this study, researchers hope to confirm that telemedicine which is similar to teleconferencing is just as effective as face-to-face therapy.

Steven Ziemba, Director of Clinical Research said that "telemedicine is a way in this particular case to provide therapy over a long geographical distance. It's an interaction in real time."

They're looking for military volunteers that are age 18 or older.

Any Iraq or Afghanistan veterans that suffer from PTSD that are interested in finding out more of the study they can call 229-312-0284.

Researchers hope to have one hundred and fifty participants. The study is expected to completed by August of 2012.