Protestors fight for downtown Albany Post Office

Protestors stand outside of the downtown Albany U.S. Post Office. / Jessica Fairley

Although the U.S. Post Office in downtown Albany has received a 6 month extension to stay in business, the community is fighting to keep it open for good.

Friday afternoon protesters waved signs of all kinds in front of the post office.

Among the demonstrators was the grandson of the Nellie Brimberry, the first U.S. Post Mistress. The post office served as her service site in the early 1900s.

"I'm just here to support it and keep it open and recognize her hard work," said Steve Brimberry, grandson of Nellie Brimberry.

Steve Brimberry wasn't the only one devastated by the possible site closure.

"It is sad that they would just leave now. That they would just shut the doors and move on," says Frances Krack, Property Manager.

Organizers of the protest stated that a city with over 77,000 people can't keep going strong without a downtown post office.

"It's been here 100 years and someone somewhere made a decision and didn't communicate with none of our leaders. No one knew anything," said Johnnie Williams.

Once Johnnie Williams found out about the closure, he was proud to be the whistleblower.

"When I found out they didn't know, then I requested for them to get on the job talk to our leaders and began to try and save the downtown post office service," said Johnnie Williams.

Then came support from city leaders, community members and business owners.

Those who work in the downtown area say if this post office closes, it's going to drastically change the way that they handle their business.

"Every morning we come down to pick up our mail. Then in the afternoon we come down to mail it out. If they take away this downtown post office a lot of us are going to have to drive clear across town to another post office," Tom Ledford, Lawyer in downtown Albany.

Organizers are urging those in the community to join in support by contacting congress at

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