Protecting your car from summer heat

Before drivers hit the road for summer travel, mechanics are sending out a warning that may help protect their cars from the heat and save on gas.

Joel Davis, manager of Goodlife Tires, said it's best to use a little forethought before leaving the house.

"Plan your trips ahead of time and make sure you're not doubling back," said Joel Davis.

In addition to wasting fuel, making extra trips means one will have to suffer the summer heat even longer.

Davis said people forget to check their cars in the summertime like they do in the winter. He said people should check their vehicle's cooling system to make sure it's operating properly in the summer.

"Make sure the levels are right, perhaps even getting it flushed at the beginning of the summer or when it starts to get hot," said Davis.

Since summer heat makes tire pressure expand, experts said checking the pressure is another way to avoid repairs down the road.

If you're not sure of what you're tire pressure should be, look in the door jam. Most newer modeled cars have a chart displaying the pressure requirements for front and rear tires.

Davis said it's best to check your tires once a week during the warmer months.