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      Protect your credit cards during the holiday season

      Local police say if you're doing any shopping -- whether it's online or in the stores -- protect yourself by keeping a close eye on your bills.

      With holiday shopping in full swing, many people are using their credit cards more often -- which can be the perfect time for a thief to strike.

      "After you've gone shopping and you've done a lot of shopping, make sure you go back and check your credit card bill to make sure there are no charges on there that you're not familiar with, said Albany Police Department TMs Public Information Officer, Phyllis Banks.

      Officials say if you notice anything out of the ordinary, cancel your card immediately and contact the company.

      If you want to learn about more ways to protect yourself, the Albany Police Department is holding an Identity Theft Seminar along with Albany City Commissioner Ivy Hines on Saturday, December 8th.

      The seminar will be held at the police department on Oglethorpe Boulevard from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.