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      Projects complete in Downtown Facade Program

      The Downtown Facade Program has been going on for two years, renovating the outside of businesses mainly along Front Street. This week, many of those 6-month long projects are complete. This has been the fourth cycle of renovations since the program started.

      The program accepts applications from downtown business owners and uses grant money to assist them in renovating the outside of their buildings.

      Downtown Manager Aaron Blair says they have come a long way since he was hired three years ago. He says most of the buildings were boarded up.

      "It's the front door into downtown and where most of our visitors come," Blair said. "This is the first stop so we want to make sure that when they visit downtown, we put our best foot forward so emphasis was put on Front Street buildings."

      Now that many of these projects are complete, Blair says he hopes businesses will consider moving into the properties and continuing to improve the look of the downtown area.

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