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      Program to prevent homelessness among HIV positive residents

      415 new cases of HIV/AIDS have erupted in Georgia since July, making the state the 5th highest for HIV positive cases and Lutheran Georgia Services is helping with this issue.

      Lutheran Georgia Services recently launched a new program called HPOWA to help those in need. The organization recently received a $225,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. The grant is for a program called "Housing Opportunities for People With Aids (HPOWA)".Phillip Hogan Project Manager of Lutheran Georgia Services of Atlanta says this recent program is geared toward helping diagnosed people financially on a case by case basis. He adds the service is catered to much of South Georgia including Worth, Terrell, Mitchell, Dougherty Counties and Thomasville and Decatur.

      Kayuri Smith with Lutheran Georgia Services in Albany said, "With this population they are at higher risk for homelessness because of the stigma surrounded hiv and aids as well as the costs of treatment that's associated with this disease."

      Moneys from the grant will be issued to qualified residents in order to prevent homelessness and help with medical care bills.

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