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      Problems with dirt road have been washed away

      FOX 31 first introduced you to Lonnie Blaylock back in October who told us he TMs spent the past five years fighting for Carlton Road in Worth County to be paved.

      Blaylock said the past few years we TMve had a lot of rain and the road turns into nothing but mud and it TMs really bad when we have droughts because of the dust that comes off the road, every time a car or truck passes it just covers you up.

      He TMs had to deal with those issues for years and years, but thankfully he TMll never have to deal with the problems of living on a dirt road again because it TMs finally been paved.

      He told us, just being able to pull out of my driveway and being on a good road to get where I TMm going. No matter what the weather or where I TMm going, I know I can get home.

      Oxford Construction completed the project and the total cost was a little over $365,000.