Probate court budget in the spotlight Monday

Finance Committee meets to discuss probate court budget for 2013. / Matt Prichard

The Dougherty County Finance Committee met this morning, continuing the process of analyzing the county's budget as a whole.

Monday the committee met with the Dougherty County Probate Court Judge, Nancy Stephenson, who outlined the budget of 2012 and what it looks like heading into 2013.

But the speed of the meeting may have stolen the spotlight, with the review taking only about 30-minutes. Chairman Lamar Hudgins says Judge Stephenson got right to the point.

"Judge Stephenson is very to the point, we got right to the budget, she went over it and her expenditures last year were actual less than budgeted. So we're very fortunate to have her here in Dougherty County," said Chairman Hudgins.

The committee will continue their budget series next week with Coroner Michael Fowler.