Proactive steps prevent future tragedies

Lee County officers receive school gunman training / Matt Prichard

Lee County officers received training Thursday to prepare them for gunmen in a school.

The columbine incident in Colorado is an event few Americans will forget. Parents around the country came to the realization that even at school; their children could be at risk. Since then, law enforcement around the united states have trained for those moments, and on Thursday, the lee county sheriff's office continued that trend.

"One day of training is good, but you always try and offer more in the future and that's what we're going to try and do," said Lee County Sheriff, Reggie Rachals.

Each group of officers was given the opportunity to experience what a real situation would feel like. Coming down hallways and encountering a gunman that could potentially injure or kill members of the public.

"And it does make a big difference, not just searching a schoolhouse like this one, it even teaches you how to search other buildings like stores or banks or even a home, you then have a technical, tactical way of doing things," said Rachals.

Sheriff Rachals says these drills are vital to the department and the public's safety, and plans on having multiple training sessions within the coming year.