Prisoner of War addresses Georgia students

Prisoner of War speaks to Georgia students. / Matt Prichard

Imagine being locked away in a foreign country as a prisoner of war. No idea when rescue will come, or how you'll be treated. On Wednesday the students of Georgia Southwestern State University, learned that first-hand.

"I was shot down on the third day of a three day mission, and I was badly injured getting out of the plane, I was picked up immediately by the civilians and I spent my 55 days in Hanoi," said Vietnam POW, William Arcuri.

But Arcuri describes his situation as fortunate, since the war in Vietnam was coming to a close during his imprisonment.

"It was fortunate that it was at the end of the war, I was fortunate again to be on the first plane back with a lot of the older POW's," said Arcuri.

Arcuri was brought in to speak by superintendent of the Anderson Prisoner of War Museum, Brad Bennet, who says everyone in America, regardless of age should hear these kind of speakers.

"Every child in America ought to come to the national prisoner of war museum, to get a better understanding and appreciation of sacrifices made by POW's," said Bennett.

Mr. Arcuri says events like these are more important than ever, allowing the youth of America to fully understand the price of their freedom.

"I think it's important that people understand that you may not like the war, but the men and women who are out there fighting it, are doing their best to preserve our freedoms," said Arcuri.

"It's a really good opportunity for students to not only learn about our military history, but the sacrifices that have been made by soldiers, and sailors and airmen, to defend our freedoms," said Bennett.

POW recognition week will continue through Saturday, with a replica of the Vietnam War Memorial being erected on Friday.