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      Princeton professor addresses worldwide race, gender issues

      A Princeton University professor traveled from New Jersey to Albany, Georgia, to speak with Albany State University students about race and gender in the 21st century.

      Dr. Imani Perry elaborated on this subject, discussing how these relationships compare in the United States versus places like the Caribbean or Africa. She says, for example, many women in the Caribbean bleach their skin to look less country and more of what modern day beauty is defined as.

      She says she wants students to take away a sense of themselves as a global citizen but respect their origin.

      "Thinking about where you're from, your home community but always being attached to the world at large and so I want to push students to think about the combination of things, both home but also the larger world in which they live," says Perry.

      Perry is a professor for the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University. Her speech Monday evening, "I'm Country, You're a Bush Girl and That's Ok: Rethinking Diaspora Studies in the Translocal," is a part of ASU's 2nd Annual International Studies Lecture Series.