Price of G.E.D. testing goes up

Albany Tech Student

On July 1, 2011 the cost to take a General Education Development (G.E.D) exam will go higher. Currently, it costs students 19 dollars to take the test but in the summer that price will rise to 50 bucks.

The GED Testing Service has decided to add computer-based testing in addition to the paper-based version from now until a new test is released in 2014.

Albany Technical College administers the tests. A spokesperson for the school said the price jump will have positive and negative effects. Linda Coston said she believes the enrollment may go up because people will prepare better for the exam. She also saw the negative side.

"I believe for the first quarter or so we will see a dip in the number of people taking the test, but it will consistently go back up," said Albany Tech Associate Vice President Linda Coston.

Jermaine McGriff, Albany Tech student, is on the accelerated track at the school. He believes this price hike is motivation.

"It just lets me know that you got to buckle down and get what you need, instead of playing around," said Jermaine McGriff.

G.E.D. students have the option to take the five part test separately, bundled, or all at once. Taking all five tests separately would be as much as 250 dollars. Officials with the school said the best solution is to prepare and then take the courses all at once for 175 bucks.

Although this change may come at a price for students, faculty are adamant that this is the best solution for all.

"This is nothing they should be afraid of . This is just something new and with all things new is change. Of course we don't like change," said Linda Coston.

Albany Technical College hosts testing for seven counties in southwest Georgia. For more information on the school's adult education programs visit