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      Preventing the number one cause of fires in Albany

      This year's Fire Prevention theme across the state is Prevent Kitchen Fires. With a majority of Albany's fires being started on the stove, local firefighters are asking the public to start practicing safer cooking.

      This year alone, 141 fires have started in Albany after someone walked away from their stove and forgot about their food.

      In order to prevent more of this from happening, the fire department says there are easy tips such as using the timer every time you cook could help.

      "At least it gives you a beep that your time frame is up that might remind you that something's on the stove. We've also in the past advocated take a spoon, take a pot lid, take something with you remind you 'hey, I've got something in the kitchen,'" said Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose.

      Chief Ambrose says if you have to walk away, make sure all pot handles are turned inwards so that a child can't pull it over and burn themselves.

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