Preventing bad choices tomorrow, today

Photo Credit: Franklin White

Imagine knowing what would be said at your funeral. That's what freshman at Charlie A. Gray High School in Moultrie experienced as they learned hard core life lessons.

On Thursday, Teen Maze, organized by the Moultrie-Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee organized a real life, lifespan maze where students got the chance to see what life would be like if they made bad decisions.

Different life stages included understanding life if you were a teen parent, what it would be like if they were drunk and had to talk on a straight line to pass a sobriety test, and what life would be like if they had to pick out their own casket for their funeral and writing their own eulogy.

Teen Maze Chairman Katrina Bivins says, "this vital information is important because what they do today lays the path for their future." More than 200 volunteers with Teen Maze attended the event. This is the second year they've done this.
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