Preventative maintenance could go a long way

Experts recommend checking you engine oil before hitting the road. / Sean Streicher

The temperature is rising, schools are out and summer is here, but before you hit the road for a little R&R, there are a few things you should do to your car to make sure you get there safely.

"It's always cheaper to get it done in your home town, on the road, you're at the mercy of wherever you're at," said Kevin Swift with Swift Automotive.

One of the first things experts recommend checking is your car's cooling system; they say if it's not working properly you could see anything from small engine damage to engine failure.

Your alternator and battery are also things you want to make sure are in good condition; "you could be stuck at a motel room and get up the next morning and you can't go anywhere," Swift.

Tire pressure is also a very important, not only does it affect your fuel economy which could mean more money in your pocket, but improper tire pressure could also be a safety hazard.

Now a lot of these things you can check on your own and take only a few minutes, and in doing so you could be saving yourself a headache down the road.

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