Prescription Drug Drop

Prescription drugs

Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful partnered with members from the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office, Albany Police Department, Albany Dougherty Drug Unit, and Dougherty County Police to sponsor the first local prescription take back program.

Participants drove through a station in front of the civic center and with no questions asked were able to hand over expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs.

Judy Bowles says the event was a success because they collected at least 200 pounds of drugs. Major Bill Berry with the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit says most of the drugs were a year or two old. "Most of these drugs are from one time uses. However some were just forgotten about. We have a vintage medication bottle that dates back to 1965" says Berry.

Recommendations for discarding prescription drugs include the following tips:

  • Liquid medications should be poured in a plastic sealable bag containing kitty litter, coffee grounds, or sawdust to solidify the medication. Then dispose of the solid with your household trash.
  • Pulverize pills. After crushing them return them to a child proof container and place the container in a sealable bag and into the household trash.