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      Pregnant with swine flu

      The OBGYN center at The Veranda has received many phone calls from pregnant women with questions about the swine flu.

      Dr. Inman says women are concerned about one thing. "What do I do if I think I TMve been exposed to this virus?" is the most popular question says Dr. Inman.

      Dr. Inman has fielded so many questions " the practice set up a webpage for swine flu concerns. "If your feeling sick, running a fever, stay home - don TMt go out. If you're out, wash your hands a lot. Use the antibacterial antiseptic gel that everybody has little bottles of - you can stick them in your purse to carry" says Dr. Inman.

      As a pregnant woman TMs mid section grows larger her lung capacity decreases, and since the H1N1 is a respiratory virus, pregnant women are at a higher risk for complications.

      District Health Director Dr. Jacqueline Grant says complications should be of concern to any pregnant woman. "Pregnant women are more at risk for developing pneumonia from influenza and also preterm labor" says Dr. Grant.

      If a new mother has the swine flu there are some surprising safety recommendations.

      "Once the baby is born, unless she has been on antivirals for 48 hours, and without a fever and can control her cough, she is to be isolated from contact with the infant until those three conditions are met" says Dr. Grant.

      One of the more frequent questions from new moms "Can I still breast feed if I have the seasonal flu or swine flu?". The answer " YES, but doctors say it may be safer not to.

      "She can pump her milk and have someone who does not have flu symptoms to feed the baby" says Dr. Grant.

      The "no breast feeding" suggestion is to protect the newborn baby from contracting the seasonal or swine flu from an infected mother.

      The easiest way for a pregnant woman to protect herself is the simple golden rule. "Just practice good hygiene" says Dr. Inman.

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