Pre-K week celebration continues in Dougherty County

Students clapped along during a Pre-K week celebration. / Sean Streicher

Georgia's Pre- Kindergarten week celebration continued Friday at the Sylvandale Pre-K Center.

This is the 20th anniversary of Pre-K in the state of Georgia, as well as here in Dougherty County. Students of Sylvandale, sang happy birthday,and released 20 balloons in honor of the occasion. They also learned about the history and importance of the program.

"It's important because we have learned that 90% of the brain is developed by the age of five. We use to think that it was just for the ones that were low income kids, but we have found out the Pre-K services are very important for all children", said Gloria Kendall the Dougherty County Pre-K Director.

During the ceremony three staff members, who have been there since the start of the program, were also celebrated.

Those being, Mrs.. Terri Perry, Ms. Greta Roddy, and Mrs.. Melinda Carter.

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