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      Pre-K programs to add slots if demand is high

      FOX 31 spoke to the Lee County Pre-K director last week after we received an email from a viewer concerned about a line that formed outside while waiting for registration. The viewer asked about the demand - so what happens if demand is too high?

      "There aren't enough slots for everyone at this point but programs do, however, when they register take a waiting list so that if they have slots that become available then they can open those up to parents who are interested," said Susan Adams, assistant commissioner for Georgia Pre-K.

      Each Pre-K classroom in Georgia is funded for 22 students. The programs apply for a grant each year for a certain number of classrooms.

      "There is a demand for the program and sometimes you will see places where parents are lining up to register especially if a program is doing registration first come, first serve," Adams said.

      We looked at the total number of slots available in some counties: 858 in Dougherty County, 330 in Lee, 638 in Colquitt, 418 in Tift, and 176 in Worth County.

      84,000 children are enrolled in Pre-K across the state. That's about 60 percent of Georgia's four-year-olds so not all are able to enroll.

      "It could be possible that we might fund some additional classes in an area if the demand is high," Adams said.

      At the end of March, the state will provide an application to Pre-K centers if they need to expand.