Practice makes perfect with the Marine Corps Color Guard

Photo Credit: File

The Marine Corps Color Guard practices for hours at a time and Logistics Command Color Sgt. Jeffrey Wanliss says although its repetitive, it's all for a good reason. "We do it for hours on end because we have numerous ceremonies that we have a lot of spectators that have never seen us or never seen the Marine Corps Color Guard, so we want to do it perfect" says Wanliss.

The color guard performs at everything from athletic games to retirements to promotion ceremonies. Rifle bearer Cpl. Robert Smith IV says in order to be perfect they have to master several counts. Once they get the hand movements down pact, and the marching down to muscle memory - they rifle men learn everything again - in reverse. "The rifle bearers we do know both sides - I can go to the left and the left can go to the right" says Smith.

Once all of those elements are mastered, they also deal with uncontrollable elements like a strong wind that may twist or pull the flag. Marines say they don't really worry about the weather. "We just continue as normal. We have to maintain our bearings at all times" says Wanliss.

Members of the Marine Corps Color Guard says representing the base and the organization as a whole is an honor they love.