Power shutdown at MCLB after fire

Photo Credit: Matt Prichard

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany experienced a power outage Monday after a substation caught fire.

"We had a substation here at MCLB Albany caught on fire, that caused a temporary outage in power throughout the base, and of course in order to respond to that incident, Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany's base command made the decision to go ahead and turn off the power for the whole base," said Lieutenant Kyle Thomas.

MCLB Public Works officials began to investigate the charred substation, only to find a familiar piece of equipment.

"We had just installed this new voltage regulator yesterday, to replace an old one, as part of a separate project. But it seemed to be working fine yesterday when we left, we're not really sure what the cause of the mishap is at this point and time," said Lieutenant Commander, Jeffrey Benjamin.

However Benjamin says these type of malfunctions are prone to happen, even while monitored closely.

"It's not a common occurrence, but it's not unheard of either, it's not an isolated incident by any means," said Benjamin.

Throughout the day it had been reported that the entire base was shut down due to the power outage; however officials with the MCLB say that isn't exactly the case.

"I would not characterize this as the base being shutdown, it's up to the different sections on base, the different work places on base if you will, to give admin leave to "non-essential personnel" those are the individuals that don't have to be here," said Thomas.

Power has been restored to several parts of the base, and MCLB officials are hopeful to have power up and running by Tuesday.