Posters aid search for killer

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

Detectives with the Albany Police Department will be hanging new posters around Albany in an effort to drum up more information on an unsolved case.

The police haven't received a lot of information about the murder of DeAndre DeAngelo Williams. Williams was gunned down on August 28, 2011 outside of the Sandtrap Nightclub.

Lt. Carmalita Preston came up with the idea for the posters and police are hopeful it will spark someone to come forward with information. APD Media Manager Phyllis Banks Whitley says the department is hopeful in the new effort. "After 48 hours a case typically goes cold. We don't want that to happen in this case. We know that there is someone out there that has information. The family has put up a $5,000 reward â" so we're hoping that someone will come forward soon with some sort of information that will lead to an arrest of a suspect in the case" says Banks.

Police have around 200 posters and will be working closely with local businesses to hang them.

If you have any information you're asked to call the Albany Police Department at 229-431-2100 or Crime Stoppers at 229-436-8477.

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