Postal worker struck by tractor trailer dies

Woman killed in tractor trailer accident in Turner County. / Jessica Fairley

A postal worker has lost her life after being struck by a tractor trailer in Turner County.

Ann Jones, 72, was heading south on Bethel Road in in a 2002 Chevy Silverado truck when the accident happened.

Officials say around 12:05 p.m. Jeremiah Harris, 31, was heading westbound on Highway 32 in Sycamore when Jones pulled into his path.

Harris told police that he applied breaks but could not stop.

The tractor trailer struck the vehicle that Ann Jones was using as a postal truck causing it to rollover into a ditch.

The woman was then ejected from the vehicle.

"Right now there are no charges but the investigation is still ongoing. We got to do inspections on the vehicles," says Sgt. John Posey, Georgia State Patrol.

Trooper Posey says it will take a few days to wrap up the investigation.

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