Postal service extends downtown post office lease six months

The board is optimistic that they will be able to keep the post office open through a private contractor. / Matt Prichard

Mailing letters has become less and less common as the quick convenience of email has slowly taken over. But that hasn't stopped the Dougherty County Commission from fighting to keep their local post office up and running.

"It is very important that we keep that presence in our community in order to keep the continuity and the service we've been accustomed to," said Assistant County Administrator, Michael McCoy.

And with a new 6-month lease signed by the United States Postal Service last week, city officials have some time to keep the mail flowing downtown.

"It'll allow the post office to meet their ultimate goal which is to save money, but allow us to have the downtown presence to keep our post office boxes, and to continue to have all the resources from a post office in the downtown area," said Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

And officials say this new lease gives them a greater sense of optimism that they can keep the office open in the near future.

"That tells us that they are serious about helping to find a private contractor. That in itself gives us optimism," said Sinyard.

"The 6 month extension gives the postal service ample time, we feel, to identify a capable, responsible party to come in and operate a downtown Postal Service," said McCoy.

Officials are hopeful they can find a private contractor as soon as possible.

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