Postage week possibly cut short

United States Postal Service. / Jessica Fairley

If mail volume continues to decline, U.S. citizens may have to face a three day postage week.

The post office loss $8 billion last year due to the recession and more people switching to internet mail and bill payments. Authorities say they're headed for a similar loss this year.

But don't get nervous, Postmaster General Patrick Donahue says the three day postage week could happen in 15 to 20 years.

One man in southwest Georgians says he isn't looking forward to it.

"Some people don't have the luxury of using online services and their still dependent to get their bills through a traditional postage system. So I don't think it should be cut down," said post office user Jack Byrd.

To cut costs, so far the post office has suspended contributions to its employee's pension funds.