Possible scam targeting Albany small businesses

APD is investigating if Pacific Corporate Services is targeting local small businesses in a potential scam

The Albany Police Department's Financial Crimes Unit is investigating a potential loan scam that could be targeting local small businesses.

An Albany resident contacted APD after receiving information from Pacific Corporate Services about a loan.

"Once we got the information we consulted with an individual who has in the past has given out small business loans," says APD Media Manager Phyllis Banks. "After consulting with that person that person helped us realize there were a number of red flags involved with this business."

One major red flag was that money needed to be sent to the company prior to obtaining the loan, and according to APD, people do not need to send money to receive a loan.

It's a complaint the Better Business Bureau in Las Vegas, Nevada â" where Pacific Corporate Services is based â" has heard before that was "regarding a loan package, and money between $2,500 and $3,550 had been requested upfront," says Rhonda Mettler, Operations Director with the BBB in Las Vegas.

The BBB also received a complaint about Pacific Corporate Services regarding robo-calls when the person was listed on the National Do Not Call List. Along with two complaints, the BBB received numerous inquiries about the company's integrity.

"This company ultimately was brought to our attention the beginning of June of this year and, to date, we have received 244 inquiries," says Mettler.

Those visiting Pacific Corporate Services' website notice a "BBB Accredited Business" logo on their site, but the BBB in Las Vegas says they have not received accreditation.

"However, they have applied for accreditation but they have not been approved. I'm pretty sure after we did look through the information and decided not to approve them," says Mettler.

She says it is important that if consumers are contacted by a company that they contact the BBB to see if they are accredited. Having BBB accreditation means the business will follow the BBB standards and practices.

If Pacific Corporate Services has contacted you, contact the APD Criminal Investigations Bureau at 229-431-3288 and ask to speak with the Financial Crimes Unit.