Possible changes to Ga. school budget breakdown

Title 20 program may see changes. / Jessica Fairley

Georgia state legislators are considering doing away with a law that requires 65 percent of state funding to be spent in public school classrooms.

A state commission voted on Wednesday to draw up legislation to repeal that law.

This is being done in an effort to update the state's education program known as Title 20.

The law was passed in 2006 to help boost student achievement but has fallen flat within our local school system.

R.D. Harter with the Dougherty County School talked to FOX 31 about why this program does not work for the local school system.

"Not all school systems are the same. Most school systems depending on size may carry a larger load child nutrition cost. A larger load in transportation and school busing cost," said Dougherty County School System Public Information Officer R.D. Harter.

He says the DCSS feels the local school board of education should have the final say on school budget distribution.