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      Pollen count through the roof

      Here in southwest Georgia, officials at the Georgia Pollens Clinical Research Centers say the pollen count is through the roof! / MGN Online

      It's spring and that means it's also pollen and allergy season.

      Here in southwest Georgia, officials with the Allergy and Asthmas Clinics of Georgia say the pollen count is through the roof!

      Experts say the pollen season got off to an early start this year.

      They say the pollen count is high here in southwest Georgia for now but by the end of the season those numbers will likely even out.

      As the pollen count is up, allergists say they are seeing more patients coming in with more than normal allergy symptoms.

      They advise that if you normally have trouble with allergies during this time of the year, start treatment early.

      "We recommend just staying on their maintenance like their nose spray and their antihistamines asthma medicines as well because allergies can definitely induce asthma symptoms," said Erin Cannington, Allergist.

      She says those who aren't on prescribed medications can use saline spray and sinus rinses to alleviate symptoms.