Police warn children curfew enforced during spring break

APD says they notice more shoplifting cases and curfew violations during spring break in Albany / File

Spring break is well underway, and police want students and parents to keep some things in mind.

Albany police say if students are going away for spring break, be sure to keep in touch with parents. They say parents need to be parents and check in on their children once in a while.

If the whole family is going on a trip, police say to designate a spot and time to meet up if everyone decide to split up for a period of time.

Even if students stay in town, police say keep mindful of the law.

"Albany specific, we still have a curfew that we aggressively enforce. Parents, make sure your kids are at home or where they're supposed to be at curfew. Eleven o'clock during the week, 12 o'clock on the weekend. That's going to be strictly enforced especially during spring break," says APD Patrol Officer Richard Norman.

Albany police say they do see more shoplifting and curfew violation cases during spring breaks.