Police warn against car tag thiefs

A local woman says she dropped her car off to get fixed at a repair shop, And when she came back to pick it up her car tag was stolen. But the owner of the repair shop says it's not his fault.

/ Franklin White

When Tracy Shorts dropped off her car to get fixed, she thought it'd come back the way she left it.

"When you leave your car at a repair shop you think that it's going to be safe and in a secure place until it's repaired."

But to Shorts surprise that wasn't the case.

"It wasn't parked inside a fenced in area, it was just parked on the side of the street," says Shorts.

The suspects were arrested and charged with stealing the car tag and putting it on a stolen vehicle, but the owner of the lot says it's not his fault. He didn't want to go on camera but he did tell us this:

"On that issue, she was suppose to pick her up on that day, and so I left it outside so she could pick it up and she didn't. The car had been inside the fence for over a month with no incident. During that time other vehicles had been broken into but that car was locked and unharmed."

"A person could go to jail on that misdemeanor charge."

Phyllis Banks with the Albany Police Department says even though the rate of stolen car tags has gone down 60% in the past year, you still need to be fully aware.

"People do need to monitor their tags, make sure they check them frequently make sure it is the correct tag and it is there," says Banks.

If you car tag is stolen, officials with the Dougherty County Tag Office says all you need to have for a replacement is a police report and $8.

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