Police search for multiple gunmen in Camilla

Police in Camilla are looking for three white men who robbed a Winn Dixie at gunpoint.

Two of the men are depicted in sketches and police consider them strong persons of interest. The suspects are described as young white males around 6 feet tall.

Sunday August 7th police say three men entered Winn Dixie and hid until the store was closed. When two store employees were doing paperwork and counting money the men came running at them wearing camouflage, camouflage hoods, and wielding guns.

After forcing the employees to the floor and handcuffing their hands and feet with zip ties, the trio took cash and cartons of Marlboro brand cigarettes.

If you have any information on whom the suspects are you're asked to call the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office or the Camilla Police Department at 229-336-2201.

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