Police report on Vester Weaver

Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver / File photo

Through an open records request FOX 31 News received 19 pages worth of official documentation with details on the May 22, 2011, incident.

According to the Albany Police Department:

1. Children were present during the incident
2. Police have responded to anywhere between 1 to 5 previous complaints from Vester Weaver
3. The incident involved threats and abusive language
4. Alcohol was a factor
5. Her left eye was bloodshot red and she had a black mark forming underneath her eye

The report details how Vester was questioning her husband about a text message when the event happened:

"Vester said that she asked Willie about a text message that he received and he explained that it was from a friend. She then said to him 'whatever Willie' and after that she felt something running down her face. She stopped speaking and I asked her if it was beer and she did not say anything. She then said she felt her face and she saw that she had blood on her handsâ|.I continued to ask Vester if Willie hit her and she would not say he did or did not hit her. I asked her what did he hit her with and she refused to answerâ|.Vester continued to be evasive to the questions that I was asking her and she said that she wanted to talk about the incident later. Once Vester had received treatment for her injury, she wanted to leave. She received 6 stitches for her injury."