Police received nearly 430 calls during Mardi Gras festival

APD says they'll monitor Turtle Park more next year where many kids hang out during the festival / File

Nearly 38,000 people attended Saturday's Mardi Gras Street.

It led to Tuesday's Facebook Story of the Day: Was crime was an issue there that day?

Albany Police Department say out of 430 calls for service that were reported, none were for serious or violent crimes.

"We had little misdemeanor calls like entering auto. with that many people you may have people that leave their cars unlocked and people go into them and take items out. that was about most of what we had that particular day," says Lt. James Williams from the Albany Police Department, who worked at Saturday's street festival.

He says not one violent crime occurred that day. Williams says he attributes the lack of felony crimes on Saturday to better communication with surrounding agencies and with the community.

"That speaks volumes for a Mardi Gras the size of New Orleans here in the city of Albany," he says.

Williams says next year they plan to monitor the Turtle Park area more, where a lot of young people were hanging out this year. He says they want to make sure they remain safe during the festival.