Police pup shows off her stuff

APD welcomed a new dog to the force, this one named Mona. / Matt Prichard

The Albany Police Department has welcomed a new officer into their ranks, but this one has four legs, a tail and goes by the name of Mona.

APD brought in Mona through the GEMA program, and will be using her for bomb threats throughout the state, including all the way up to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Mona will be taking the spot of "Booby" who had been the APD K-9 for three-years. However health trouble caused officials to send him into retirement, letting him live the "pet life" for the rest of his days.

"He was aching, he was getting grumpy, so it just happened to be at the right time, that he started having his problems that we were able to have the funding through GEMA to get a new dog, and that's how we ended up with Mona," said Albany Police Department handler, Kim Davis.

And a fun fact, Mona's name comes from a sound she makes when she gets really excited that sounds like moaning.