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      Police on patrol for burglary suspect(s)

      UPDATE (3:00 AM):

      Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick with the Dougherty County Police Department says that around 1:00 AM on Saturday, a black male came to the Kangaroo Express at the intersection of S. Mock Road and Moultrie Road.

      This suspect broke the glass window with a cinder block and entered the store.

      While inside, he broke open one of the registers and took all of the money inside. He then tried to break open another register by throwing it onto the ground. This attempt was unsuccessful so he took both the register and cash with him.

      As of 3 AM Saturday morning, $150 is the reported total taken and officials say that nothing else was taken but the register and cash.

      The suspect is a black male, wearing purple pants, a black hoodie, gloves and a mask.

      Officers believe that he ran behind the store on foot to get away.

      The Dougherty County Police Department is asking people to stay alert and call Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS to report information about this case.

      ORIGINAL STORY: The Dougherty County Police Department was dispatched to the B.P./Kangaroo Express at the intersection of S. Mock Road and Moultrie Road in reference to an activated alarm early Saturday morning.

      The glass to the front of the store was shattered in the attempted burglary.

      Investigators are on scene circling the building and there are units patrolling around the area to find those responsible.

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