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      Police on patrol during Spring Break

      Spring Break for Dougherty County students means nine days away from teachers, books, and school.While it's a time to have fun it TMs important to remember that rule still apply and that a curfew starting at 11:00pm during the week and midnight during the weekend is still in effect.My mother use to say the later you stay out the more likely it is to get in trouble, said Lt. Michael Persley with the Albany Gang Unit.Police say over spring break kid tend to hang in large groups at places like the mall or restaurants which could lead to trouble.To avoid these bad situations Police recommend sending your kids to recreation centers or other non-profit groups to keep them busy.If we keep our children occupied they will be less likely to be involved in misbehaving or criminal instance, said Lt. Persley.For a list of rec -center times and programs visit their website or call them at (229) 430-5222.

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