Police officer struck in pursuit of stolen car

Officer struck by car on Gillionville Road. / Jessica Fairley

Back in March FOX 31 reported that several vehicles had been stolen from Langdale Chevy in Worth County.

Friday afternoon Albany police officers recovered one the vehicles.

A uniformed officer was traveling on Magnolia Drive when he spotted Cartavious Deonta Wallace, 32, driving a stolen Chevy.

The suspect pulled into the YMCA parking lot where he vacated the vehicle and ran south on Gillionville Road.

George Barber, another police officer, spotted Wallace and followed the suspect in an unmarked 2008 Chevy Impala police vehicle.

While maintaining view of the suspect, Barber was struck by Alisa Thompson-Clark, who was driving a 1998 Ford Escort.

Charges are pending in this incident.

Cartavious Wallace was taken into custody on outstanding warrants for simple battery and probation violations. Additional warrants for forgery in the first degree, giving a false name, and false statement in writing are also being issued against Wallace.

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